UK Subsidiaries

With the continual expansion of our business we wanted to start growing internationally fast, we knew we would experience entirely new challenges, questions and uncertainties. There would be setbacks. However, been ever optmistic we extended our interests overseas with the launch of our UK subsidary which was launched in September 2004., a UK based subsidiary of the AllCom Ireland Group, has fast becoming one of the UK's leading online shop for Mobile Phones. With about 20,000 deals, we offer the largest selection on the net, you can choose the best option for you from ALL leading UK retailers, networks and brands in a few clicks of your mouse.

If you know which phone you want or are simply looking for the best deals on the net you will find some amazing bargains. This web site searches all mobile phone sites for the lowest prices every day. You can search by network, manufacturer or by price. Also we have a dedicated section for handsets which are 'Coming Soon'. There's something for everyone!

The website has exploded beyond all expectations because the site is quick and easy to use, we've been a mobile phone price comparison specialisist for more than six years and we have exceptional relationships with many of the retailers who provide data for inclusion on this site. Deals are updated as soon as we hear about them and we often have access to exclusive offers, which aren't available anywhere else, not even direct from the retailers themselves.


Tel UK: +441223851945