Become our supplier

Our product procurement team is constantly on the lookout for ways to make our operation more cost effective, and currently have many suppliers and service providers on our books. These companies supply everything from parts to accessories and everything in between, the cost and the quality of the products are of utmost importance.

So when we use words like 'partnership', we do not use them lightly - when we grow, we want our suppliers to grow with us and believe in long business relationships. We are now over 10 years in business and some of our suppliers have been with us from day 1. For new suppliers, the product assessment is based on quality, cost, after-sales service and returns policies.

Overall we treat our suppliers as we like to be treated. That means being fair, honest and responsible, sharing our knowledge and helping them to develop new products that follow customer trends.

We like dealing directly with manufactures and try to bring our own brand products to market when possible, so if you can provide a product with custom packaging, custom logo integration or develop one of our existing products to meet our needs thats a bonus - we would love to hear from you!

Send us your proposal

Send through a brief description of your company along with details on the products/services you would like to supply to The AllCom Group and we will forward it on to the relevant buying department in our company. To get an idea of what products we currently supply please see one of our online stores by clicking Here.